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The Most Amazing Nest With A Natural Leaf Roof Built By A Hummingbird

We humans learn how to build houses. Some of us get a degree to prove that we are capable of building houses. And others pay for those people who are with the degree to get a house built.

But what about animals, especially birds? If you have seen the nests of birds, most of them are way better than humans’ ones. But do birds have a degree, or do they acquire the skill from somewhere else?


When it comes to hummingbirds, they build the most incredible nests.  They are known to be the smallest and the smartest bird. And we have got so much to learn from them.

Can you believe if you hadn’t seen these photos that a hummingbird is capable of building this? Mama bird has built the nest under a broadleaf to protect her babies from the rain.

It was Bianca Caroline, a conservationist who spotted this fantastic nest at the Paraguayan nature reserve. Though she has seen numerous bird nests, this one stands out as it has a leafy roof.

She was lucky enough to see another five unique nests on the same day.

She states that she saw two chicks in the nest, and the rain perfectly protected them. When the chicks are strong enough, they will also help the mama bird to finish building their home

It is Bianca’s mission to create a better world for every animal on this planet. By sharing these photos, she wants to show how broad and majestic this world is.

However, there are 338 hummingbird species in the world. Like bees, they play a crucial role in pollination and biosystem.

Though they are small, they can fly around 4,000 meters high and reach the plants which most of the other birds can’t.

As these birds are small in size, they can be easily targeted by predators. Because of that reason, some of the hummingbird species are going extinct.

So, it’s our duty to save these birds, which helps our survival. You can do simple tasks to make these birds safe from predators.

  1. Fix a feeder in a shaded area. You can keep or hang a clean bowl of some sugary solutions. Remember, these birds are afraid of shadows. So keep the feeder away from your windows.
  2. Keep the feeder in a place where animals like cats can’t reach.
  3. Never use insecticides near the feeder because they are hypersensitive to the chemicals.
  4. Join hummingbird organization to support their lives.