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Nine things not to believe according to teachings of Buddha.

The Kalama people were in confusion similar to that of many wise, venerable, ascetic and saints who passed in their place.

All the teachings taught by these wise teachers were contracting each other causing to baffle people. Like the people of Kalama, we also could be confused at some point in our lives.

The Kalamas decided to ask Buddha what to believe in order to glimpse the truth. Instead of answering questions, Buddha tells them about the things they should not believe.

It is not necessary that we formally become disciples of the Buddha, but the discovery of the truths of his teachings can give us an idea of ​​enlightenment.

1.Do not believe anything by as you heard it. Proper attention is the ability to question and test beliefs in an appropriate manner. Having admirable friends is the ability to recognize and choose wise people as mentors.

2.Do not believe in tradition simply because it is ancient and has been given to many generations by many people.

3.Do not believe in rumors, because people talk a lot about it.

4.Do not believe anything because you are shown the written testimony of a former sage.

5.Do not believe in what you have imagined, thinking that it must have been inspired by a god or some other wonderful being, because it is extraordinary.

6.Do not believe anything, simply because the presumption is in your favor or the custom of many years makes you take it seriously.

7.Do not believe anything just for your teachers and priests.

8.Do not believe in assumptions. You will find that reason and experience, after careful investigation and reflection, are conducive to the well-being and benefit of everyone and the world in general. Modify your life accordingly according to accepting only that as true.

9.Do not believe in any doctrine by reverence; Try it because gold is tempted by fire.


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