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The Beauty Of Unique Melanesians

Beauty is subjective. What I see as beautiful won’t be the same for you. That’s why the world is full of discrimination’s now. Though we are living in the 21st century, some of our thinking patterns are still barbaric.

Colourism is one of them. People have this stupid idea having a fair skin makes your superior to others. But, if you have a broad vision, you can see the beauty in every living being. 

Hair plays a vital role in everyone’s life. People like different hair colours. But, having naturally blonde hair is a rare scenario. Most of the people with unique hair live in Central Asia, North America and Europe. 

Only the children have blonde hair, but eumelanin makes the hair colour darker with the growth. So, from this article, I’m going to introduce the rarest blond hair people; Melanesians. 

The word Melanesia first introduced in 1832 by Jules Dumont d’Urville. It was used to distinguish ethnicity and geography between Polynesia and Micronesia. 

Like the Asmat tribe, Melanesians also practiced cannibalism, kidnapping, slavery and head-hunting. But, now, most of them are Christians and have a connection with Europe. 

The Melanesians in the Solomon Islands are considered as the real tribe. This place is situated between Papua and Vanuatu. Solomon Islands is a free state under the British Commonwealth. And around 10% of the population are lucky enough to have natural blonde hair. 

There are various reasons for this natural hair of the Melanesians.

Some say they got the whitening hair from salt and sun. Some say it’s a genetic heritage and could be due to mix breeding with Europeans or Americans.  

Sean Myles, a geneticist who was interested in the reason for the colour of Melanesians, ran a genetic analysis on hair samples and saliva. He found that the native TYRP1 gene was the reason for this colouring. 

This hair colour is visible in children. Yet, one matures, the hair colour gets darker. 

However, the beauty they possess proves that the world is full of beauty, and you got to have an eye to see that. 


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