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The dog who “died” runs to her mom when she saw her at a shelter

Maile Trist checked her email last week and she opened a message that she assumed was a prank. It was about her beloved dog Jazzy and it aside, that the senior Chihuahua was at the Cowley County Humane Society after being found wandering around a nearby rock quarry.

The email was strange to her because she knew her dog was passed away two years ago.


When Trist first met Jazzy at San Diego Humane Society four years ago, she didn’t care about the ”Do not pet” sign on her cage. She may have any other plans with Trist.

She stuck her hand in the cage and she automatically walked right up to her. She wagged her tail and put her head in her hand. She was so happy and she enjoyed a joyful life with her.


Two years passed and Trist moved from California to Kansas. With her new full-time job, she felt she didn’t have enough time to watch her pup until she got settled. So she asked for help from her friendly couple who are do-loving to watch her pup until she got settled. However, when Trist tried to get back in touch with the people, they ignored her calls and deleted their social media accounts. There was no way of finding them.


However, six months later Trist’s fiancé managed to track them down and asked for Jazzy back. The lady told him that she had died three months prior. She felt horrible for giving her to them because she thought she was not in her last moments.


Trist thought she would never see her beloved dog again. But luckily Jazzy had a microchip. And she got the news that Jazzy had been located. She dropped everything immediately just to be with her dog.

She automatically headed home from her job and got in the car and headed to her. She was crying while riding which was almost a three-hour drive. They didn’t know how she ended up that far away, but she didn’t care about it at all.

When Trist arrived at the shelter and saw Jazzy, both of them were so happy. Jazzy started to wag her tail and Trist couldn’t hold the tears. They kissed each other. It seemed that Trist will never leave her again. It was a heart-touching reunion.


Now the little dog is home and is not letting her mom out of her sight ever again.

There is a mystery behind the senior dog but the most important thing here is, that she is safe and ready to spend her golden years in comfort with her mom.


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