Camera reveals the secret driver who had a joyride with a golf cart

Pets in our houses do some crazy things when they are bored. They invent newer things day by day. And they try to have some experiences when you are not around! You gonna agree with me, right? This is such a story about a furry friend.

This dog named Titan loves to ride the family’s golf cart. Well, dogs have various kinds of favors, but driving! That is amazing.

According to the evidence, a solo ride seemed pretty appealing to the pup too.

Mallory Kmet, who is the human mom of Titan came home recently and saw that their golf cart had been taken on a brief journey by some mysterious driver.

They were away on that day and when they come back, she noticed that someone has had a ride with their golf cart. And it was smashed into her truck too, and that was how it was stopped.

No one can stay away from the third eye! When they check the surveillance footage in the yard they could catch that “someone.”

It was none other than Titan. The footage shows that he riding the cart so happily and then just hit by the truck.

Luckily the slow-speed collision didn’t give him damage. The truck meanwhile did have some minor damages.

The little accident didn’t turn off Titan’s idea of cruising though. He still needs to go for golf cart rides. They can see him still waiting for his turn to ride. Because that is what his favorite to do.

Dogs will be dogs! Keep eye on your pets they are crazy as us too.