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The Dog Goes Missing During The Tornado After Saving The Family And Unites 54 Days Later

How do you call yourself a real animal lover? I mean, it’s not just feeding and giving shelter. Trust me, it’s more than that. 

If you really love someone, all the imperfections turn perfections. Same is for animals. The love you have for them is profound, just as you love a human being. 

So far, we have witnessed the sacrifices animals have done for humans. If you have seen the movies like Hachiko, A Dog’s Purpose, A Dog’s Way Home (my favs, personally), you do know that dogs would do anything for us, why, because they love us unconditionally. 

But, on rare occations we too save animals. Take the wildfire in Australia, for example. Hundreds of Kola bears were saved by people. And we have seen photos of people saving dogs, cats, birds from disasters. But, we have to admit that animals are way purer than we will ever be.

So, this story is about a rare case where a family takes measures to unite with their dog after 54 days. 

The deadly tornado, EF-4, occurred in Tennessee, in March caused death for 24 people along with countless destructions. 

The Johnsons’ house was in the path of the tornado in Cookeville. They claim that they were saved by their dog Bella as she alerted them on time. 

Eric Johnson told The Tennessean that Bella woke him up at 2 am, whining and gave enough time to save the family.

They got enough time to run into the bathroom and hide in the bathtub. Eric says their house was leveled and “thrown about 50 yards in a bath tub from our house,”

The sad part is, Bella went missing after the tornado, and the family was devastated. So, they asked the local authority to help to find the dog. 

They looked for the dog for almost two months. The family prayed every day to unite with Bella. 

Finally, proving that life is not so bad at all, their prayers were answered on the 54th day. The Johnson’s got a call saying that Bella was spotted in a car park. Eric wrote on social media, “So something amazing happened today!!. After 54 days missing from the tornado that leveled our home on March 3rd, we have been reunited with our dog Bella. To say that I wasn’t starting to lose hope in ever finding her again would be a lie. Me and my wife would pray daily that god was keeping her safe out there until he brought her home to us.”

The family thanks all for helping to find Bella and they inform that she is perfect health, “At the moment our miracle dog has a full belly of food and is currently sleeping in a warm bed where she belongs.”

Bella was treated Heroic Dog Award by PETA for her loyalty and bravery. And I know there are zillions of dogs out there are who have saved their families, not just by a disaster. Pets save you from mental trauma, abuse, and simply from every messed up situation and I know that personally. So, shout out to all animals and the lovely owners in the world.


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