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Who Would Have Thought Pool Noodles Could Maintain The Social Distancing

Covid-19 is a blow for the whole world. With the beginning of 2020, this pandemic could manage to take almost everything we had. Yet, as one world, we are recovering little by little from this calamity. Germany is one country that defeated Covid-19 successfully. 

By 14 May 2020, In Germany, 174,948 cases had been reported and approximately 150,300 recoveries, with 7,928 deaths.  Angela Merkel stated that they have achieved the goal of slowing down the virus. Yet, every citizen should follow the safety measures as there is still a threat. The restrictions people faced as imposing curfew were lifted.

The federal government announced the permission for cafeterias to continue the work, under specific regulations. And this story is about “Café Rothe Schwerin,” taking an interesting measure for keeping the social distance in the café. 

Jacqueline Rothe, the owner of the “Café Rothe Schwerin” went an extra mile to keep his customers entertaining and safe. He came up with an ingenious idea which is attaching pool noodles to customers’ hats to help them with social distancing. Pretty cool, right?

Café Rothe Schwerin shared this hilarious yet ingenious photo on 9 May

The cafe also serves as a sweet, delicious for customers

Here are people’s ideas for this marvelous plan