The Amazing World Of Pigeons

Nature is full of colors only if you open your eyes to see it. Animals especially are amazing creations of nature. If you don’t believe it, look at this unique collection of photos of pigeons. 

We have only known few names of pigeons, and there are hundreds we don’t. Like humans, pigeons too, have a history. Scientists believe that common city pigeons have to be the first bird that humans have ever domesticated. We can see the figurines of pigeons in mosaics and on coins from ancient Mesopotamia since 4500 BC. 

Here’s the chance for you to witness this beautiful bird species.

#1 Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

#2 The Nicobar Pigeon

#3 Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The RPRA states that pigeons can fly over 70 miles per hour. “They have been used in both world wars due to their skills in speed endurance and their homing abilities. They also have the ability to return to a central location so they are easy to keep—they always return. Meanwhile, pigeons have the ability to deliver messages; Julius Caesar used them in his battles to send messages to and from his troops and occupied areas.”  the RPRA stated.

#4 Brown Frillback Pigeon

#5 Bronzewing Pigeon

#6 Blue Crowned Pigeon

There was this myth that pigeons are a bit dump animals. But, research which was published in 2017 stated that pigeons can understand the concept of time and space. Also, these animals are experts in navigation. They have the ability to find their house way back from 2.1km away. 

#7 Jacobin Pigeons

#8 Indian Fantail

#9 African Green-Pigeon

It’s stated that humans have known pigeons since at least 3000 BC. And earlier, they were used by Greeks to carry results of Olympics.  

#10 Spinifex Pigeon

#11 Grey Frillback Pigeon

#12 Pied Imperial Pigeon

#13 Ice Pigeon

#14 Lahore Pigeon

#15 Capuchine/Jacobin Mix

#16 Red White Roller Pigeon

#17 Archangel Pigeons

#18 English Trumpeter Pigeon

#19 English Barb

#20 Brunner Pouter Pigeon

#21 Lahore Pigeon

#22 Fantail Pigeon

#23 Kabutar Pigeon

#24 Old Dutch Capuchine

#25 Black Helmet Pigeon

#26 Old Dutch Capuchine

#27 Unique Pigeon

#28 English Short-Faced Tumbler

#29 German Modena Pigeon

#30 Oriental Frill Pigeon

#31 Tumbler Pigeon

#32 English Carrier Pigeon

#33 Voorburg Shield Cropper

#34 Scandaroon Pigeon