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Teddy face dog doesn’t know why he is been returned to the shelter 7 times

Martin is a senior dog who is looking for a forever home after his elderly family surrendered him. Martin was around 10 years old when arrived at SPCA of Wake County. His human dad loved him so much but he couldn’t care for Martin anymore! He was 89 years old and at a point, he believed that Martin deserved a better life than this.


Martin’s dad brought him into the shelter. He believed that they could help him to find a home where he could live his golden years in comfort as a senior dog. “He adjusted pretty well” Samantha Ranlet, Marketing communication specialist at SPCA said.

Martin may have no idea what’s going on. But even from day one, he was the same happy, easy-going, really sweet old man with a teddy bear face!


But with Martin’s age, it was hard to find a suitable adopter. He kept getting passed over again and again. Within two months seven adoptions fell through for various reasons.

Martin’s age wasn’t the only thing affected by his adoption. He was also heartworm positive. It also made potential adopters wary. After the 7th adoption fell through the staff of SPCA decided to do something different in order to get the word out about Martin. So they used Facebook to get help from the community to get into a home. All it took was only one Facebook post describing Martin’s story. The two pictures of his adorable teddy bear face attached to it got the visibility he needed.

Luckily the post was shared by thousands of people and they got many calls and emails asking about him. Within less than 48 hours adoption applications were completely maxed out.

Among them, the staff has chosen the most suitable one to adopt him. They were a couple who had experience with senior dogs. They were not afraid of his age or his heartworm disease. They just fell in love with him.


They took Martin home. His adoption is not finalized yet. He is still receiving heartworm treatments at SPCA of Wake County on the weekends.

Sooner, when he completes his treatments they are going to make the adoption official. He has a younger cat sister in his new family called Hilltop.


The staff of SPCA still loves him and misses him. But they are happy that he got him forever home.


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