A couple found a mysterious suitcase on the road and realizes that it is full of puppies

A couple was driving down a North Carolina highway last week when they saw something odd. It was an abandoned suitcase sitting on the road up ahead. The mysterious suitcase was not still, it appeared to be moving!

The couple slowed their car and then they saw a tiny nose just barely poking out from an unzipped corner of the bag. They hurried to open the bag knowing that there was an innocent soul is there. Then they were shocked to find four friendly pups inside!


The couple grabbed the pups and drove to Guilford County Animal Service. One of the shelter staff members who met them in the parking lot initially didn’t believe the story! It seemed so outlandish. But then he spotted the four little faces looking so tired and innocent.

“We all expressed shock that someone would do that,” the staff member said.


The whole four puppies were females and were hesitant to trust the shelter staff. Perhaps they were assuming these strangers would abandon them too. Since arriving at the shelter they have cautiously started to adapt to the shelter life. The kind rescue staff slowly taught them how the real love feels like. By that time their scared and shy faces were filled with happiness and love.

The medical team said that they haven’t had much interaction with humans so the staff is helping them to stay social and playing with them.


Rescue staff named the puppies with names which are related to luggage and travel-related names- Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway and Carion (as in “carry-on”).

Once they completed their, medical evaluations and socialization they will be ready for adoption and to find their forever homes.


Though these puppies were once tossed aside, thanks to the keen eyes of the couple they will never need to worry about being left behind ever again. Hope they will find their forever home soon!