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Stray siblings found abandoned on the street are finally in safe hands

It was a busy day in Palmdale, California. Two puppy siblings were seen huddled together on the curb near a road, peering at the traffic whizzing by. Seems like they are hoping someone might see them and offer a hand.

When a woman walked near them, she noticed that the puppy brothers were trying to cross the road. She contacted MaeDay Rescue and soon, help was on the way.


Puppy siblings happily compiled with their rescuer and sooner they were piled in the back seat of a car. Then they were ready to head somewhere safe.


They both were scared, but they knew that they are safe there. The way they were laid down made them easy to pick up.

The rescuers posted a cute video of them.

The puppies were male and female, and they were later named Kona and Oscar. When they were truly able to relax, their personality began to shine again. Kona was a little bit calmer and gave kisses to the rescuer while Oscar was a goofy and active boy. He would love to get into anything he could and both of them are very sweet and smart.


They quickly recovered from their ordeal and their charming, and playful personalities made them great candidates for many families.

Kona was adopted first and her new family is obsessed with her and already surrounding her with so much love.


Within no longer, Oscar found his family too. Oscar loves his new family and it is the perfect home for him.


It is clear that from now on the golden retriever pups will never have to worry about making it on their own ever again.


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