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People build a Pup Bus to take neighborhood dogs on small adventures

Normally house-bound dogs in Skagway, Alaska, have had a unique service at their disposal for the past six years or so to enrich their lives with pleasure and friends.

Mo Mountain Mutts, the company behind it all, specializes in bringing dogs on little outdoor experiences as one large, joyful pack.


But probably the most interesting aspect is how they get there.

Mo Thompson and her husband, Lee, take their 20 to 40 canine customers on nature walks through trails near town every weekday. Rather of forcing all of those puppies and their parents to congregate in one place, the Thompsons developed a far easier — and cuter — solution.

They purchased a bus and incorporated at-home pick-ups in their service.

“We adore it,” remarked Mo Thompson in an interview. Clearly, the dogs do as well.

Thompson explains their daily routine as follows:


“I pack my dogs, go to one end of town, pick up customers, and drive to the trailhead.”

Sure, it sounds simple enough, but as this video of the pick-up process demonstrates, climbing aboard the bus is like a piece of heaven for these contented puppies.

Things only get better from there as the dogs get to stretch their legs together out on the path.

It’s the epitome of dog walking.


The dogs who ride and trek with Mo Mountain Mutts are clearly content. Its operators are also.

“It’s so much pleasure working with the dogs,” Thompson remarked.


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