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Stray dog luckily gets a forever home with happiness and care!

Emily was a skinny and weak dog when she was first brought to the RSCPA’s Danaher Animal Home as a stray. Everyone there was shocked at the condition she was in. she barely weighed anything at all and it showed that she really needed much love and care as the shelter could give her as a stray.


She was only a little more than skin and bones. The manager of the animal center said that they put her on a special diet to make her gain weight. They fed her little and often to slowly build up her weight.

Within just a few weeks, with the help of her all-new friends, Emily was able to gain around 10 pounds. She was starting to be a healthy dog again. She was a nervous dog after everything she had gone through but she became healthy and healed.


After knowing the way that she was coming along, a wonderful family asked to adopt her.

Mark Colbear, Emily’s new human dad said that when they saw her story, it broke their hearts. They needed to help the innocent soul.


Now, all settled into her new home and she is spending a happy time with her new family. She had a marvelous transformation and she looks like a completely different dog now. She is now getting full meals and cuddles in the armchair with her family members, and these cuddles help her to heal from the anxious moments at night.
Emily is a playful healthy dog now and she is doing so well. Breaking the rules? No matter! Her family doesn’t mind at all.


They believe that they are so lucky to have her. Thanks to them, Emily’s forever home became the safest place for her. She will be so happy after everything she has been through.


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