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Stork husband surprises his wife with a thoughtful gift.

Addi and his mate Antonella are a couple of storks that have been nesting atop a chimney in Henneckenrode, Germany. For the last several years the pair have had many babies and all of them were successfully fledged.


It has been a labor of love for the stork couple. With their dedication to their kids, comes a dedication to one another.
Silke Feser a stork enthusiast with Nette-Störche e.V. has been monitoring Addi and Antonella over the years via a camera aimed at their nest. There she noticed the couple worked in partnership to bring each new generation into the world.

Recently, Feser’s camera captured something new, that she never noticed before. That was a chilling morning with dark clouds overhead. Addi was seen returning to the nest with a surprise present for Antonella-that was a makeshift blanket with which to cover his beloved mate.

Feser is also surprised and realized that it has never happened. She said that Addi often brings her unusual nesting material, but has never covered her.


It seemed as though Addi was making sure that Antonella is cozy as she went about her duties as a mom.
However, Feser believes that Addi’s actions were a gesture of love to Antonella. That kind of special situation has made them such a successful pair.


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