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Abandoned Lab puppy waiting for his family to come back for him

Oakley was lost in rural Oklahoma and didn’t have any idea about how to survive. All he had to do was walk along the road hoping that someone would notice him.


The pup had been left there with two other dogs. For over a week, the lost pets wandered the countryside waiting for their family to return. Without shelter, the dogs slept in a tin tube under the road.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan spotted the black Lab mix and his friends roaming around and alerted animal rescuer Alysse Matlock. She immediately arrived at the place.


Matlock was sad when she saw the dog was faring. He was pretty rough in shape, and that broke her heart.
Oakley was the first of the three to be rescued. The other two pups were caught soon after and brought to foster homes where they could recover.


Matlock took Oakley back to her home. Oakley immediately relaxed and soon his warm personality began to shine. Matlock was sad that someone left him all alone! He was a very sweet and smart dog. It’s so sad that people can do such things to animals.

Matlock gave him a bath and arranged his medical needs. In a short period, Oakley’s skin and eye conditions greatly improved. He loved to be in foster care because he could really enjoy his lunch and dinner. But finally, it was time for him to find a permanent home.


Matlock knew that Oakley would be adopted in no time. He was easily become friends with anyone and people loves him a lot.

Matlock has posted a lot about Oakley on her Instagram and after seeing her videos online one family decided to adopt Oakley. They knew that he would be the best addition to their family. They contacted Matlock and arranged a meeting. No longer Oakley became their family.


He will be perfectly live with his forever family!


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