Artist Makes Stones Look Soft By Folding And Twisting Them

Many people have skilled hands, a creative mind, and undying passion and determination for their work. These people can take something impossible and make it possible. Here’s a story from Spain, where an artist skillfully makes the rigidness of stones disappear and make them as if they are smooth and flexible.

Most of the sculptures done by this Spanish artist José Manuel Castro López are stones, which he has manipulated so intricately that it seems to be done out of clay. Although it is illogical to manage this rigid material, José’s sculptures include several waves and wrinkles, folds, peels, twists and turns and folds, which finally brings out a softened quality of the stone. These sculptures genuinely make you question all the laws of physics. Just see for yourself of what we are talking about.

During an interview with The Creators Project, José states, “My relationship with the stone is not physical, but magical.” He also describes the connection he has with the stones: “It recognizes me, it obeys me…we understand each other.” He goes on to say that the stones he works with manifests themselves and that they are not lifeless.

As per López, he was widely inspired by the Galician mythology for all his out worldly creations.

Several art lovers and netizens were astonished and fascinated by the uniqueness, neatness, and softness of this fantastic sculptor’s creations. Most of the time, López uses granite and quartz for these extremely satisfying, beautiful and smooth creations. The work done by this amazing artist is proof enough that with meticulous care and handling, even the most robust and most rigid materials can be made soft and be filled with life.