Someone Strange was Sitting Atop her Neighbor’s Car, and it Wasn’t her Cat

My reaction was, “What the hell is that…?”

It’s common knowledge that coyotes are one of the most adaptable species on Earth, able to survive in areas with people, buildings, and transportation.

This coyote, though, seemed to have taken things to the next level, exploiting the latter for his own benefit.

Dale Teille

Recently, as Jill Rogers was driving about her Phoenix, Arizona, neighborhood, she spotted something peculiar.

The moment I rounded the bend and saw him, my first thought was, “What the hell is that on the car?” In an online post, Rogers expressed his thoughts. The reality was uncovered upon closer inspection.

It turned out to be a coyote, chilling out on top of a parked car right in front of Rogers. He had obviously picked the vantage point because of its elevated position. Perhaps on the lookout for a roadrunner, beep beep, as Rogers put it.

The coyote was unfazed by Rogers’s presence and only glanced up as she came closer.

Rogers played it safe, as he couldn’t tell if the coyote was looking for food or just scoping out the area.

When she first spotted it, she “quickly informed my community” to the need to keep pets safe.

Whatever the situation may be, it serves as a useful reminder that people and animals frequently coexist in the same areas, and that sometimes compromise is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety and happiness. Alternatively stated by one of Rogers’ commenters:

Dale Teille

Think about having to call in sick to work because your automobile was stolen by a coyote.