Dog Ends up Saving Her Brother’s Life just by Cuddling Him to Sleep

“Even though she’s not trained, Daisy was able to discern that he was experiencing an emergency.”

Every dog has its favorite moment of the day, whether it’s chowing down on dinner or tearing up the house with a new toy. Daisy, a Rottweiler puppy of two years, finds nothing more thrilling than sleeping next to her human sibling at night.


‘She’s his shadow,’ Daisy’s mom, Brittany Troilo, said in an interview. Every night she sleeps in the same bed as him.

Since joining her family as a young puppy two years ago, Daisy has brought nothing but joy and happiness to everyone who lives there. The young dog fell in love with her sibling the moment she arrived and hasn’t been far from his side ever since.

In other words, “she just can’t get enough of him,” as Troilo put it.


Daisy and her brother spend a lot of time outside during the day engaging in various forms of toy-based competition, including games of tug-of-war and fetch. But the real excitement starts after dark.

When the clock strikes 8:30 p.m., Daisy always heads straight for the stairs to wait out her brother’s nighttime ritual.


Troilo predicted, “She’ll sit by the stairs and wait.” For example: “As soon as we start going upstairs, she’ll jump on the bed, wait for her brother to clean his teeth, and then she knows it’s snuggle time.”

Later, as her brother is tucked into bed, Daisy will put her arm around his and fall asleep next to him, and Troilo continues: “Every night, when she sleeps, she holds him.”


Daisy frequently spends the entire night nestled up next to her sibling. On the other hand, Troilo once realized something was wrong when she awoke at 2 a.m. to find Daisy sitting alert next to her bed.

According to Troilo, “Daisy could tell that my son was experiencing an emergency despite the fact that she is not taught to do that.” “Now she comes and wakes me up whether his sugar is high or low in the middle of the night, so I can tend to him.”


Daisy is aware of her brother’s medical devices, such as the Dexcom glucose monitoring he wears at night, and is prepared to respond to any unannounced medical situations.

The Dexcom plays a crucial part in keeping her brother safe by constantly checking his blood sugar and notifying their family of any abnormalities. Daisy has a sixth sense about not touching her brother’s Dexcom, even if he is sleeping with it.


She is “quite aware of what it is,” Troilo said. She won’t sleep on his stomach if he has that tattoo.

Daisy will also avoid the gadget while they cuddle since she likes to avoid waking him up.

She is quite intelligent,” Troilo remarked. “She’s one of a kind, for sure.”


Daisy’s family just got a new Rottweiler pup. Even though Daisy spends all her time playing with her new sister Lilly, the puppy won’t prevent her from going to bed on time.

Even with the puppy, she knows it’s time to get ready for bed around 8:30, as stated by Troilo.


Daisy always stops what she’s doing to snuggle up with her human brother at bedtime.

The cute puppy will be eager to greet a new day, but she’ll be counting down the hours until she can once again sleep in her brother’s arms.