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Dog found which present is for her and decides to unwraps it

Hemi is the princess of Kim Hutchinson’s family. She always gets what she wants as her family loves her so much. When it is Christmas, she knew that she will get more. She was impatiently waiting for this.

When she was snooping around the house, she finally found where the treasures are. All the presents were nicely wrapped and guess what; she exactly found her own gift!


Kim, Hemi’s mom says that all the gifts were hidden in their room covered, and with their kid’s presents. She had one through many presents to reach her gift. After realizing which one is for her, she decided to unwrap it. Then played with it and, hid with it so that she could play without her family knowing. But the toy with a squeaker inside was not allowed her to play alone, she caught red-handed.


Her parents heard something coming from the room and went to see what. It was Hemi, playing with her toy in her mouth at the bedroom door. They were not mad at her but were amazed that she figured out one of her presents from the pile. Everyone was impressed with her mischievous finding.

She normally shows her new toys to everyone, but this time she didn’t. it was very odd, and once her family found that she let everyone play with it. Everyone couldn’t stop laughing at how she reacted.


Hemi knows that her family loves her more than everything. And she also knows that there are more presents just for her and couldn’t wait to open them and enjoy them.


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