Shelter volunteer arrives early at work to find two abandoned lives.

On that fine morning Detroit Animal Care and Control hadn’t even opened for the day when a volunteer noticed a man approached there. The man said that he had dogs he wanted to turn over. The volunteer asked him to wait until she brings the paperwork. But whenever she came back, the man had vanished.


She was puzzled, and searched the area with confusion. Then she saw the two fearful puppies locked in the shelter’s play area trembling near a fence. They were huddled together and cowering. They were so confused and looked very fearful.

Rescue staff were worried about what happened and thought that there might be other puppies left behind. They had a search to see whether there are any other abandoned pups there. But there were no other dogs there.

The staff members took the puppies inside and gave them food and water with kindness to show some love. The puppies happily began snacking showing that they really needed something to eat. Once they feel full, they began exploring the shelter.


The duo was happy and playful like almost every puppy and enjoyed playing in there. They were happy with the food and toys they got at the shelter so they can happily enjoy their time.

Eventually, the duo was taken to the Loving Hands Pet Rescue. The staff there planned to foster them with a family and look for a forever family.

The brown puppy named Zeus immediately found a new family. He was the best addition to their family as a dog who is crave love and was spoiled.

The other puppy, now named SpongeBob is still hunting for a family to fit with his requirements. He is a very playful dog who loves to play with children and toys. He is now trained well and knows how to use the potty and crate. Even though he didn’t get a family yet, he has a happy and healthy life at the shelter.

Finally, both of the puppies are in safe hands and they know that they will not be going to abandoned again.