Lonely Pittie Spent 3 Years at Shelter Looking For A Family To Settle.

Not all shelter dogs easily get a forever family. Sometimes they have to wait for a long time. For Zeus, it was the same.

Zeus is a lovely pitbull who spent over three years at the Spartanburg Humane Society. He was looking for a forever family to keep him but within the past 3 years, it didn’t happen.


With this loneliness, the overlooked dog always decided to play with his favourite things in the world. That was empty milk cartons.

A volunteer of the shelter, Kaki Taylor explained that unlike other dogs, who love to play with squeaky toys Zeus loves milk cartons.

Over the years he also has become the staff’s favorite dog. Volunteers delighted in hanging with Zeus and taking him on his favourite outings. From windows, and car rides to Starbucks for a pup cup he enjoyed everything he got. The longtime shelter dog has become the best memory of the shelter staff over the years too. Whenever Taylor buys milk, the first thing she comes up with is Zeus’ addiction to milk cartons.


Taylor also said that she has recently started to buy more milk so she has more milk cartons to bring to the shelter. Luckily, the pup has got very kind-hearted people near him at the shelter to make his life more beautiful.

Everyone in the shelter believes and trusts that Zeus would make an amazing pet. He tends to be a bit shy around new people until he feels trust in them after that he will be the loveliest dog ever.

Zeus is looking for a family to be the only pet to get more love and affection for him as a dog. He is ready for a life with love and can’t wait to go to his new home. He will need more milk cartons in the new family too. Because he loves them.


He is a sweet little boy and he knows he will find the best family near future. It seems like now it’s the best time for him for a new family. He lived a kennel life long enough.