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Shelter shuffles Facebook audience with a pic of an adorable two-headed cat

Not only humans, but animals also have a special bond with their siblings sometimes. Sour Cream and Onion are the kind of lovely siblings that arrived at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. They had other siblings and their mom with them too. But, the duo chooses to be together. They are inseparable and spend every time together at the shelter. It was hard to care for the staff.


No one knew which one started while the other one ended up eating. They spent as much as possible time together.
One day, Sour Cream and Onion were lounging together. They both looked so cute and the staff decided to snap a picture. They even posted it to their Facebook page and as it seems it was like a two-headed kitten, they referred to it as a two-headed kitten.

Those who saw it loved it and were crazy about the duo.


“Rare find: Adopt this 2-headed cat and you get a great deal,” the shelter wrote in the caption. People in the comment section debate whether the cats are separable or not. Some thought it is fake and the shelter had no idea how much commotion the picture would cause.


They are actually two cats, but they really do look two-headed in the picture. They just love snuggling up together.
They even love each other so much and spend the whole time together. So it is not a big deal, because they really do act like just one cat with two heads!

Luckily the pair was recently adopted together by a woman who fell in love at the first sight. Now Sour Cream and Onion have the best home together. They can keep cuddling and spend their days as they used to be.


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