Rescue beagle enjoys touching the grass for the first time in her life

In recent weeks thousands of beagles were rescued from a life of misery and heartache after the Virginia breeding facility housing them was ordered to be shut down. The Humane Society is doing its job very well to rehome them. Many of these innocent souls are waiting to have a happy life ahead.
Sami is one of them. Like all the other dogs she had spent her life with basic joys so far. But now she is about to get a good life.


Kind hearted Karen Shrader and her family volunteered to have Sami with them as a foster dog. The world is not such a scary place and Sami will get to know about that by the time.

She was very timid on the very first day in Shader’s home. But she claimed a dog bed in their family room. She loves it.

She also discovered the grassy backyard. She can touch the grass for the very first time in her life. On her third day, she was seen chasing balls. She was ecstatic. She had missed being happy in the breeding facility. But now she has it all.

Within just a few days at her foster home, Sami blossomed from a sad and shy dog to a happy and playful pup. For Shrader, it has been a true pleasure to see the foster dog happy. She is happy with humans and being loved by a human.

But in the end, Shrader and her family failed to foster her.


“She won our hearts! We are adopting her!” Shrader said happily! “Yes, I’m a foster failure”