Shelter Dog Takes Mom Persona and takes care of all Her Toys

In December last year, volunteers at Viva Bicho Santos, an animal welfare group, came across and rescued a frightened stray dog that was found in the streets of Brazil, crying her heart out. They named her Samantha, and on top of being pregnant, she was also in poor health.


Although she was now in good and perfectly capable hands of the welfare group, the dog’s fragile body made her too weak to carry her babies to full term. However, her motherly instincts proved to continue to live on even without her babies. After her loss, the volunteers at the shelter tried everything in their power to cheer her up, and even got her trinkets and gifts in order to ease her heartbreak, but this only reminded her of what she had lost.

On their official page, the shelter shared their thoughts, saying: “We threw several toys on the floor in an attempt to make her play, but we saw that she picked them up one by one and took them to her bed. Samanta adopted the toys as if they were her babies, and now she is licking and taking care of them.” This was the bittersweet way that Samanta coped with the loss of her children.

Although the dog had so much love to give, the toys she protected and doted on, couldn’t ever love her back. However, the rescuers at the shelter had someone else in mind that could help. They had also rescued a younger dog named Sara, who seemed to be lonely and anxious, and had no guidance from a parent. The shelter volunteers decided that it was time the two met, and after their meeting, both hearts were healed.


The rescuers also had this to say: “And that’s how Samanta got a new daughter. Now, no more crying. Just love.” The duo is now inseparable. Although Samanta has a long road in front of her to fully heal physically, thanks to Sara, her heart is racing to the finish line of healing. With time, and a little bit of luck, Samanta and Sara will find their forever home and even more love that they deserve.