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Little girl immediately decides to save an innocent life!

This eight-year-old girl named Isa is not just a warm-hearted little one, but also a lifesaver!

One day she went for a walk around her neighborhood in Brazil where she lives. Grazi De Vale Silva, who is her adult cousin, had asked her to pick up some fresh milk from the store on her way. But instead of milk, she arrived home with something entirely strange! Silva was surprised when she saw Isa approaching the front gate.

It was a little puppy in her arms! Silva responded somewhat harshly to the little girl at first, but later she learned the story.


Isa had been walking nearby some boys on the street. They were kicking the poor puppy! The girl immediately intervened and carried the puppy to safety. Silva got shocked, and she was glad that she saved her. The puppy had a wound on her head, from the abuse, so the sister decided to rush her to get treated.

Since then, the puppy named Mel, recovered and stays at their home. Mel is not the only one, but also they have several other rescue dogs already. But Isa and Mel have bonded to each other!


Silva says that Mel is glued to Isa and Isa treats her like a daughter. The first thing she does after school is, go see the little pup. They are inseparable.


Every wag from Mel’s tail shows how protected she feels with them. Isa is very protective and caring for animals in need as a grown-up child. Silva is really happy about her.

“I’m proud of Isa,” Silva said.


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