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Scared dog reunites with his rescuer and finds his forever home!

Meet Rocky! This lonely doggo spent countless days wandering a remote construction site before someone spotted him. He was not like a normal dog and was fearful and scared of people. This 1-year-old Border collie mix cautiously watched as an animal rescue volunteer named Barth. He was trying to earn his trust by giving him some love and care.


Now the pair are reunited and it seems like their bond is unbreakable. Barth had been putting food out for him at the construction job site for a week. But he was not able to touch him at first. Shirley Zindler, founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue told that he drove hours to pick up a trap from them. Then he drove back to the job site and then he was able to get him in the trap quickly.

Then he made the hours-long drive back to the rescue, so Rocky could be safe and off the streets.
Barth spent about an hour with Rocky. He was still pretty scared and shut down at that time. He settled in pretty quickly with the resident dogs.


When he was awaited for adoption weeks later, the rescue team surprised him with a lovely visitor. That is Barth! It was a sweet moment for both of them. He still remembers his friend who fed him. He wagged his tail, gave kisses, and snuggled as close as he can.

After a while, it was time for Barth to go. He watched him go. But he was comfortable and happy after that and bonded with his foster family by then.

Barth was not able to adopt his lovely friend. But luckily a loving couple decided to adopt him. This August, the former stray found a forever home. Rocky will never forget Barth’s kindness. It is not a secret that Rocky is really excited about the next chapter of his life.


He also has a dog next door to play with. Surely, the lovely doggo is not alone anymore!


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