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Rescue beagle refuses to put her favorite toy down

Recently 4000 Beagles were rescued from the research organization Envigo. People were shocked to see them! But now all of those beagles are settling into their new lives as relaxed dogs.


Meet Dory! One of the beagles was rescued from the Envigo breeding facility. Then she was taken in by Triangle Beale Rescue along with 128 others. She was with her eight puppies and was very focused on taking care of the pups. Her rescuers quickly realized that being a mom was the only life she had ever known.

Amy Adams, Dory’s foster mom says that at age of 3, from a facility that used her to make babies, Dory doesn’t know how to ‘dog’. She was always focusing on taking care of the babies. Amy looks forward to when she is freed from that job and able to become.

a regular playful beagle girl and household companion.


When she settled into her foster home, her foster family has been trying to help her learn how to become a dog. One day her foster mom noticed she stole a wool ball from the dryer and started playing with it. She decided to get her some toys for her own. Immediately Dory fell in love with the green stuffed alligator. She was not ready to put it down even when she wanted to eat something.


She was trying to enjoy her meal without putting the stuffed toy down. As she never had toys before, she didn’t know why she couldn’t eat and play with her toy at the same time. She is still learning. Her foster family supports her very much to become a real dog. They love to see her coming out of her shell more and more each day. She is a sweet, snugly, quiet girl but so playful and full of energy. As it seems her tail never stops wagging.


Dory is not yet ready to be adopted. But once she is, the rescue already has a long list of people who are willing to adopt the Envigo beagles. Sooner she will be relaxed in her forever home. Let’s wish her to be a real beagle for the rest of her life!


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