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Say Hello to a Rare Cat who was Discovered in the World’s Tallest Mountain

A team of experts on the ground just found something remarkable and plain adorable: unusual cats live on Mount Everest.


The Pallas’ cats, sometimes known as manuls, were undiscovered until 2019. At least two of them can be found somewhere around Mount Everest’s southern flank. The finding is tremendously significant for scholars and conservationists all across the world — and insanely charming for the rest of us.


Pallas’ cats are roughly the same size as conventional house cats, with a few cute quirks. Their legs are quite small, and their hair is thick and fluffy, giving them the appearance of plump tiny stuffed animals. They’re really smaller and lighter than they appear since they’re largely made of fur, which keeps them warm in the winter. Climbing steep fissures and cliff walls is simple for them, so it’s no surprise they’d choose to live on Mount Everest. These wild creatures are dangerous and should not be kept as pets, yet their images are enough to make people happy.


Their huge features and large ears give them the appearance of cartoon creatures, bouncing around Mount Everest minding their own thing.


“It is wonderful to uncover confirmation of this uncommon and extraordinary species at the top of the globe,” Dr. Tracie Seimon of Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoological Health Program said in a Wildlife Conservation Society post.


Future study will assist identify how many Pallas’ cats reside on Mount Everest and how to safeguard them so they may live their best lives.


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