Rescuer Discovers a ‘Living Little Fluff Ball’ on the Ground

A Good Samaritan spotted a fluffy ball of cotton laying on the ground next to a tree while strolling around Brighton, Australia.

When the onlooker got close to the ball, he was shocked to realise that it had legs and a face.


He was a tawny frogmouth chick, not at all like a cotton ball.


The Good Samaritan recognised the infant must have fallen from a nearby tree after putting the puzzle pieces together. The rescuer made the decision to transport the young bird to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary after a futile search for the family.

A representative from the sanctuary had this to say in an interview: “The rescuer was not able to locate his parents or nest, so [they] brought him to us.”

The bird, subsequently given the name Pod, was fed and measured safely within the refuge.


Later, the sanctuary uploaded pictures of Pod to Facebook along with the caption, “Can you guess what this adorable fluff ball is?”

Due to their huge heads, nocturnal habits, and brown colouring, Tawny Frogmouths, endemic to Australia and Tasmania, are sometimes mistaken for owls. The birds may easily blend in among the tree branches where they reside because to their mottled hazel hue. The Australian Museum states that frogmouth parents construct their nests from loose stacks of sticks and that once their young are born, they alternate sitting on the nest to keep the eggs warm.

When Pod is old enough to survive on his own, he will dwell at the sanctuary until being carefully returned to the wild.

Pod will soon return to the woods, where he belongs, despite the difficult beginning to his tale, owing to a Good Samaritan’s fast thinking.