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Abandoned puppy found by man after hearing a ear piercing scream in the jungle

Niall Harbison, a local dog rescuer, was riding his motorcycle through the streets of rural Thailand when he heard a peculiar noise coming from the bush. He abruptly halted on the spot.

By sheer accident, Harbison said in an Instagram post, “I came around the bend on my normal path and heard an ear shattering scream.”


Harbison noticed a little, sand-colored dog writhing in the dark brown grass and drove over to get a better look.

The anxious dog attempted to avoid Harbison as he knelt down.


According to Harbison, said in an interview, “I could feel her trembling and her little heart pounding at a million beats a second.”

The dog started to unwind in Harbison’s arms after she understood he was attempting to assist.

Harbison saw minute motions in the surrounding grass as he contemplated his next move.


The two sisters of the dog were soon discovered by him. In the forest, the entire family had been left behind.

In a way, Harbison said, “I was a bit happy.” The puppy had not, at least, been abandoned by itself.

Harbison loaded the three pups carefully onto his motorbike and rode them to safety.


The puppies finally relaxed in Harbison’s dog shelter where they were safe. After a few hours, their vigour and confidence started to come back.

For a few hours, Harbison said, “they were trembling with the cold and still quite scared.” They then resumed acting like puppies again, playing with each other, eating, drinking, sleeping, and overall being adorable.


The sisters, who are now known by the names Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, will continue to reside at the shelter until they have fully healed and are large enough to start looking for their permanent homes.

These three may now unwind and enjoy being pups without worrying about supporting themselves again.


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