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Family finally finds their lost Dog who had been living on the streets

Leo’s family was shocked two months ago when he disappeared from his home in Turkey. The cherished dog was nowhere to be seen, despite their best efforts.

Then everything did change.


Sertaç Araç, the son of Leo’s owner, was in a nearby town on business last week when he noticed a dog that strikingly resembled his missing parents’ lost pet.

The dog, who appeared to be a stray, was sitting outside a café and was run-down from life on the streets.


Araç told The Dodo, “I snapped a picture and emailed it to my mother and father, although it seemed impossible considering the distance that this was their dog.” “I was unsure.”

Araç’s parents made the decision to travel to the location in case Leo was really there.

All skepticism was soon dispelled, as you can see in the following video of what transpired next:

After being lost on the street for months, Leo immediately recognized his family and was ecstatic to have been located.

Leo was overjoyed to see us, and we were overjoyed, Araç remarked.

The stray dog was on his way home.


Now that Leo is back home, he is cherished by his family.

Leo’s tale has a joyful finish, but it also has an optimistic conclusion. Araç’s parents’ other two dogs inexplicably disappeared at the same time Leo went away, and they assume a local dog thief is to blame. But now that Leo has been found safely, there is more optimism that someone may one day find them as well.


Araç finally says: “We’re so happy Leo is home. I will look carefully everywhere I visit in hopes we find [the other two dogs]. My father and mother will continue to search as long as they can, because they see them as their sons and love them.”


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