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Abandoned poodles spend a week on train tracks, believing their owner will come back!

One day a Good Samaritan called the “Logan’s Legacy” ’s founder Suzette Hall and told her that he had seen two dogs being dumped out of a car near some train tracks. Hall was heartbroken but was not surprised. ‘It happens all the time” she told.


The shock wouldn’t come until she got close enough to see who was there! The two dogs were poodle mixes and had been used for breeding by the person who had abandoned them.

Hall believed that the pups had at least one human they had bonded with. Because it seems like they had stayed in the same place for a week. They were sitting there. “They always think the person who threw them away is coming back. They are so loyal” Hall said.


It was hard to rescue them. As they were in an industrial area it made them easy to hide. They kept hiding under the buses and running up and down the train tracks when the rescuers reach there. But the devoted rescuers were not ready to give up on them. Hall and the group of helpers stayed there for hours until they were able to trap them successfully.

Hall named them later Major and Divine. She also believed that they are bonded because both of them were always together. But when they got to the vet, it was clear to Hall and the clinic’s staff that they were not!


Hall explains that this can happen when the dogs survived together. Mostly they don’t need each other afterward. Usually, it happens because they are related. It seems like real siblings.


After the couple got full recovery Devine and Major were adopted into two different families.


They may live in different homes, but their new lives are not much different from each other. Each of them has one sibling and they are still keeping their names. The most important thing is they are thriving! “They both got the most amazing homes ever!” Hall said. It was a happy ending for now for the loyal poodles.


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