Puppy abandoned in the woods got the sweetest reaction to seeing her rescuer

Zoomie is a stray Rhodesian-mix puppy who needed a helping hand after her family abandoned her in the woods. When she was just 4 months old she had to fend for herself. She found a stream nearby to stay hydrated and she took shelter under a row of olive trees which are lining the side of a road.

She was waiting with the hope that her family or a helper would come to find her.


A Good Samaritan saw the puppy one day and started bringing her burritos every time he drove by. Then he called Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) to let them know that there was a dog that needs help.


The director of ACPR Kyya Grant went there and realized that the rescue would not be a quick one. She was very scared and barked so much. So instead of trying to Corral the scared puppy into the crate, Grant decided to win her trust. Then she started to talk with her. But the puppy was still scared to let Grant get close. She went back that night and put some food out and talked to her some more. She poured a mound of kibble on the ground and the puppy slowly came out of her hiding place. She took a few bites of food before reaching up and placing her head in the rescuer’s hand.

You can see the moment here

The next morning Grant went back to the side of the road where she met the puppy. To her surprise, the puppy not only recognized her but was over the moon to see her. She celebrated that moment when she realized that someone had finally come back for her. “She got all bouncy and Zoomie. That’s why we ended up calling her Zoomie” Grant said.

You can watch her reaction here.

It was time to go home and Grant decided to pick her up and put her in the crate. She didn’t react at all. Then they came straight home. Grant took her to the ACPR and gave her medical care. It took her a few times to come out of her shell. But the shelter staff paired her up with a calm dog friend to relax her. Zoomie then became more comfortable with her surroundings.


Then a couple stopped by the shelter and instantly fell in love with Zoomie. They put an adoption application and Zoomie had a forever family of her own. According to Grant, she is in love with her new life. They miss Zoomie but they are happy that she got a happy ending. “She is just the cutest thing,” Grant said.