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Proofs That Dogs Are Way Better Than ‘Humans’

There are times when your dog wants to have his own time. And it’s normal.

But this dog I’m going to tell you wants to be ‘in touch’ with his owner, All.The.Time.

Stanley, aka Velcro Dog (according to his owner) and Sam Clarence, the owner, were destined to meet each other one beautiful day. Sam works as a volunteer dog walker. So, from the moment Sam laid his eyes on Stanley, he knew that this one is going to be his pet buddy.

Stanley was scared and shy when Sam brought him home, and that was quite understandable as Stanley had a rough life from the beginning. But, this adorable little thing took no time for being friendly with Sam and grab his attention.

Where Sam is, that’s where Stanley is. But the most adorable thing is, Stanley wants to hold hands. There is no separation time for this duo. When Sam is going to sleep, Stanley is just behind him. When Sam watches TV, Stanley’s paw is always present and when Sam drives…yes, Stanley is right next to him. Though it’s a little bit hard to pay attention to Stanley when Sam is driving, they always manage to find a solution.

Stanley is a bit old now, but his need to be near Sam hasn’t dampened by a fraction. Sam is just the same with Stanley. His love for his pet hasn’t changed at all. 

This is why some say; dogs are the most loyal animals. Trust me, no matter who leaves you behind, your dog will always be there for you till the day he dies.