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Pianist soothes Blind Rescue Elephants by Playing Healing Music

The animal kingdom never ceases to surprise us with the mental capacity that they have for certain things that we thought only applied to us humans. The story we are about to bring to you today, is an incredible moment when a blind elephant enjoys some live classical music and starts to dance to it.

Paul Barton

One sunny day, musician Paul Barton takes his piano along to an elephant sanctuary, where he started playing a classical piece to one of the blind elephants at the sanctuary.

Paul Barton

This elephant named Lam Duan, surprised everyone by starting to sway and step from side to side, starting to dance to the live music by Barton. The 62 year old Lam Duan has been blind for most of her life, spending her days at the ElephantsWorld animal Sanctuary in Thailand.

Paul Barton

Although she can’t see Barton playing the piano, she enjoys is nonetheless, and reacts to it as if she sees it. She isn’t the only elephant who comes to enjoy Barton’s live performances. There are quite a few who visit and enjoy the soothing classical piano music. According to this musician, many elephants react to music, from suddenly starting to move around as if dancing, to coming closer to the piano.

Paul Barton

Some elephants go on to stroke the piano with their trunks, while other stray from side to side, however, all of them become curious when this musician starts playing the piano. In this video below, we see Lam Duan swaying to the sound of the piano music:

A few of the elephants have even attempted singing along to the music, well, truth be told, as well as their trunks allow them to. Check out the elephants singing along below:


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