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Dog Trapped deep inside storm drain had given up hope of ever being found

Michael Vargas is an urban explorer. His mission is to venture into the lesser-seen corners of cityscapes to uncover and document things that are hidden and forgotten.

But recently he found someone who couldn’t be overlooked during his adventure.


While exploring a canal near his home in Oakland, Vargas and his companions decided to take some pictures of some interesting graffiti lining the walls. Though as it turned out that random stop along the way would lead to Vargas saving a life.

He was shocked when his girlfriend yelled “A Dog!” He couldn’t believe it. In that little side drain area, there was a little white dog and he was trapped! His heart just sank, and he knew that he can’t leave the dog there. He had to work to save him.


He was scared of them and it took about an hour to gain the dog’s trust enough to lure him close enough to reach. He was so confused and weak.


It was unclear how the dog ended up in that tight spot in a hard-to-reach nook of a storm drain. Vargas believes that the pup wasn’t likely to survive much longer had he not been found.

But Vargas didn’t just save the dog from death; he also gave him a second chance at a happy life. they took him immediately to the vet. There were several issues that required treatment. The doctor speculated that he may have been abused. They even checked if he had an owner. But there was no chip or ID. They called shelters but didn’t find any good news. So he gave him a name, Rusty. Vargas finally has decided to adopt the dog himself. It was the sweetest treasure he found in his all years as an urban explorer.


They have bonded to each other. He needs to make its future better. It is the best adventure he had in his life.


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