Photo proofs that being a wild animal, is weird than it seems.

Most people only get to know about wild animals when they visiting a zoo. Guess the wildlife photographers, environmentalists and, zoologists are the people who are mostly dealing with wild animals. They live in their natural environments and are fearsome and dangerous creatures. They are not been tamed by humans. As we know!

But do we know all the secrets about them? Actually, no, we don’t. There is plenty we need to explore! Already many scientists and photographers have started to watch secretly, and study. Hidden cameras and night vision cameras have done their job very well sneaking at the indigenous dwellers of vast fields and dense forests in these cases.

This collection contains some awesome clicks of them. Don’t worry, have a glass of water if you are frightened.

1. Get set and go for the deer feeder. A Raccoon tower in the forest.

© fingercup / reddit

2. Squish this happy pillow (I meant the fellow).

© DrUnnecessary / reddit

3. The night-howler (No, I don’t think that those bright couple of dots are EYES!)

© too_funny / reddit

4. Can you pick it up from your owl legs? A deer? No way!

© ChallengeAccepted99 / reddit

5. Seems like the wild boar has given this raccoon a lift. Such a gentleman.

© jajison / reddit

6. A “horny” deer at night!

© multijanus / imgur

7. Let me ruin your photo, please.

© TertiusIII / imgur

8. They just; rock on their selves. Do not disturb.

© jalogan1 / reddit

9. Here comes the batman! It is time to run( btw it was a flying squirrel)

© Gordondel / reddit

10. Rise against the dummies.


11. Deer couple is okay, but wait. Whose daughter is this!

© unknown author / imgur