Man rescues a dog- and hears another crying coming from the forest

Niall Harbison is an experienced dog rescuer in rural Thailand. He just scooped up an abandoned white puppy and was on his way to bring her to safety when he heard another scream coming from the jungle. He exactly knew what it was.

It was a dog cry. Harbison has listened to it many times in his life so far.

It didn’t take any longer for him to spot the sweet little brown puppy. He was crying out from within the forest leaves.


Harbison knew the sweet puppy; later named Thor was in trouble. He quickly jumped into action and took the dog safely in his arms. The little guy was really scared. Then, Harbison, Thor and the white dog, later named Lady Diana were on Harbison’s bike headed to his home.


The two puppies could finally be relaxed at Harbison’s dog sanctuary. Harbison let them meet the vet immediately. Lady Diana was okay after cleaning ticks and fleas. But Thor had to meet the vet three times. He needed to wear a cone to fix his jaw. Once his pain started to go, he got a speedy recovery and after all, he needed just to play.

Now, both Thor and Lady Diana are lives with their foster families. Until they meet their forever families, they can thrive there.


Harbison is so proud that they are finally okay and they became happy dos now. He describes them as two beautiful puppies, who love nothing more than playing. They are trying to be the bigger dogs at every second. They have come a long way from where they found themselves to be this happier.