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Dog communicates with her bowl to let her siblings know that her bed is occupied

Mya is a rescued pittie with a big personality. She always has her bowl in her mouth, when she has something to tell her mom.

Her mom, Briana Maiola knows she is hungry when Mya brings her bowl. She says that Mya uses bowls to communicate many needs.

But most of the time, she carries her bowl in her mouth to signal to her mom that she is hungry. She also makes a lot of noises,


wiggles like crazy and relentlessly follows her mom around and stares at her.

She also uses the bowl to let her parents know that she needs to go outside. She will pace to and from a window or door, with a bowl and drop it at the door, making a loud clang.

But recently, she is been using her bowl to send a new message. This time not to her human; her siblings, Scrappy and Kekie. Whenever Mya wants to take a nap on her favourite bed, but it is not quite ready yet, she will drop her bowl onto the bed to let her siblings know that the spot is already taken.


Maiola says that they will find bowls sitting in beds, on couches, or in other cozy spots to ‘hold her place’. Mya will drop a bowl and return to the spot when she is ready for a snooze.

Every time she does that, Maiola can’t help but smile. What her siblings react to her bowl is priceless. Maiola says that most of the time, her very patient siblings will respect the bowl and find another spot to lay down. But sometimes, the spot is just too good to resist, and her siblings will ignore the bowl.


When that happens, Maiola makes sure not to disturb them, as it is their bed too. Most of the time, Mya isn’t faced by their presence. Mya will usually cozy on the bed anyways. Sometimes, when it is an especially good spot, she will give the absolute saddest expression, hoping that one of her humans, will clear the spot for her. Regardless of whether or not, Mya’s siblings respect her bowl messages, the three are close as ever. They are very best friends. They are attached at the hip.


When they are not running around the backyard, together and playing, the three of them usually snuggle up together for a group nap. Mya may be the most dramatic of the trio. But her family loves her anyways.


Mya is truly a special girl to her family. She was the happiest, wiggliest and most dramatic dog they have ever met. They love her so much!


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