Love Between Species – Goose Warms Puppy like her Own

Every mother’s instinct is to help any and every cub, regardless if the cub is theirs or a completely different species. The story we bring you today, will most certainly pull at your heartstrings. This pup was left all alone wondering the streets looking for shelter from the cold and rain. As passers-by didn’t heed any attention to the poop pup, a mother goose rushes up to the pup not letting anything happen to it.

As soon as the goose realized that the puppy needed help, she runs up to it and gathers him up and protects it from the cold with her wings like the pup was her own. Feeling the sense of warmth and security, the pup instantly fell asleep and was soundly so until the morning.

The next morning, a passer-by noticed the goose protecting the puppy, went on to record it on his phone and posted it on all his social media pages. This picture went viral in a short span of time, getting an immense number of shares, likes and comments. I’m sure you agree that this maternal instinct tugs on your heartstrings and it can even melt the coldest heart, and is truly unequaled in its strength.