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Lucky People Who Found The Most Unexpected Things

At times, we come across certain things when we least expect it. These take us by surprise most often. When we find such unexpected items, we feel whether we deserve what we have seen. Well, let’s say that it’s destiny, and that’s the part it plays in our life. Without further ado, here are some findings which were out of the blue.

A bottle uncovered

Well many of us have heard about messages in bottles. Here’s a fun fact. Messages DO get delivered in bottles too. Don’t you think that this is an extraordinary discovery? Or is it just luck?

A glass ball ecosystem

In a beach in Hawaii, when a couple was strolling along the coast, they came across the most beautiful ball-like shaped thing. It had a miniature ecosystem around it. Amazing, right?


Even though this looks like a seashell, this beautiful shell seems to be having a squid egg hidden in it.

A million-dollar quartz

A man in Arkansas has found a larger than life-sized Quartz and is worth $4 million. Now he’s probably earning more than he used to.

Is that a Nokia phone?

We know that the good old Nokia phones are pretty durable. If we had the option, many of us would gladly go back and use those phones. Well, it seems that for someone, the wish has come true.

A priceless pearl

It would be wonderful if we could find something valuable, right? Well, this fisherman didn’t expect that he would ever discover something like this in his lifetime, something unexpected AND useful at the same time. We couldn’t believe it ourselves. What he found was a 34kg giant pearl, which costs almost $100 million.

A note left unread

There are times when we receive a note or a letter which you put somewhere, and you forget to read it until years later? We tend to wonder how this could happen. It might be that people go on with their lives, and we don’t know what’s going on with them. It does seem strange. What do you say?




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