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10 photos which will confuse you whether they are real or fake

Unless you see something in the naked eye, you can’t trust anything in this world. 

When it comes to photos specially, we have a hard time believing whether they are real or not. 

So, here are 10 photos which will keep your mouth open because they look so fake, yet they are 100% real. 

#1 The Chinese fishermen

It’s an oil paint, right? Wrong. This is a real photo where two men are fishing in Lake Chaohu in China. The lake is full of algae. That’s why the puddle made by one of the men looks so ‘paint-ish’.

#2 An optical illusion

Look again. This is real no matter how much you deny it. This is situated outside Paris. And believe me, this balloon of grass is totally flat. It’s not round. So, my advice is, look again. 

#3The black and white santa

A photoshopped one? No. This woman has decided to put on makeup and color her coat which makes her image an edited one. If you want proof, look closer to her neck where you can see she has rubbed some makeup there. 

#4 The electric pole

This is not a drawing. This is a real electric pole in Russia. It is damaged by fire and now it’s supported by the power lines which still help in the process of generating electricity. 

#5 The cruise ship

Well, someone has become an expert in photoshop. Nah. This is a luxury hotel in South Korea which is built on a cliff. 

#6 Sea monsters

What would happen if you see this when you are at beach? Well, it’s real. Not that they are sea monsters. They are algae which are also transparent when the waves reach the sand. 

#7The magic forest

This forest is full of bent trees. Pretty amazing right? It is situated in West Pomerania, Poland. 

#8 The flying ship

Well, if you have seen a boat on the cleanest water, you won’t be surprised by this photo. This happens due to the clarity of water which shows that the boat is more like floating. 

#9 The sump hole.

It’s more like a drawing. But this hole really exists in Guatemala City. It first occurred in 2010. This hole is 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep.

#10The sandstorm in Australia

It’s like a beer wave. But actually it’s a sandstorm. Wonder how the Australians felt about this gigantic storm.