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Love doesn’t Diminish with Time Apart – An Emotional Encounter between Two Gorilla Brothers

Today we bring to you a truly emotional story about two gorilla brothers who were reunited after three years of separation.

YouTube/ABC News

Longleat Safari Park in the UK is a part of an international breeding program which focuses on conservation, and the two brothers were reunited in this park.

YouTube/ABC News

Although the staff thought the two wouldn’t recognize each other, once they met, they were hugging, laughing and giving each other plenty of handshakes.

This heartfelt moment was captured on camera by the park staff and shared online for everyone to enjoy. Mark Tye, the keeper of the two gorillas had this to say: “We weren’t entirely sure that the brothers would even know each other, but the moment they met you could just see the recognition in their eyes.”

YouTube/ABC News

He also went on to say: “They were very animated and there was a lot of rough and tumble on the floor. It is quite unusual to see that sort of childlike behavior in a silverback.”

YouTube/ABC News

Finally, he continues to say: “It is great for Alf to have an older brother to look up to and learn from and Kesho seems to enjoy being the center of attention. It was very satisfying to see.”


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