Rescue Dog with Infectious Smile gets adopted because of it

Time and time again, we have made sure on more than one occasion that dogs are very intelligent creatures. There are so many animals in shelters who have, with time, have made up tricks of their own to help them get potential owners. While some resort to more unusual tricks, many wag their tails to attract attention. In this story we bring to you today, the hero is Cheech, a 2 year old dog who found a forever home in a more unconventional way… by using his charming smile!

Cheech was first picked up off the streets by volunteers and taken to a local shelter in Texas. The staff at the shelter began to notice a difference in appearance of Cheech over time, whenever someone went up to his cage. In an interview, director of the shelter Leah Sipe says, “When I first saw his ‘smile’, I immediately called my colleagues to take a look. At first they thought Cheech was just grinning or snarling, but he was more friendly than ever.”

After Leah posted several of Cheech’s pictures on their official Facebook page, they instantly went viral. People couldn’t get enough of Cheech’s charming smile. Many who saw Cheech smile even wanted to take him home, saying “I am sold!” in the comments on the post. After careful consideration of the possibilities in front of them, Leah and the other employees and volunteers of the shelter started looking for a forever home for Cheech.

The happy owner of Cheech was a woman named Carrie, whose dog had passed on the day before, and her second dog, Dusty, was having a hard time coping with the loss of her compatriot. When the two first met Cheech, it was clear to everyone that this was a match made in heaven.

Who would have thought that such an unusual and charming feature could help Cheech find his forever home.