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Little Dog Poses Next to Mural which was Inspired by Him

Cachito is a 5-year-old pup living with his human family, and he is such an important part of his family. They have so much love for him, that his owners painted a mural on the side of their house which featured their one and only Cachito.

The family lives in Mexico, and the mural is painted onto their home in Mexico, and it depicts a partially open red door, next to an open area with lots of trees and grass, and sitting at the door is Cachito.


Cachito loves sitting outside the family home, next to the mural he had inspired, and watch the world go by around him. He lovingly greets all of his neighbors as well, and they love seeing him each and every day too. Neighbors and passersby alike, love seeing the pup next to the amazing work of art by Cachito’s owner.

Although disbelievers will say that the 5-year-old pup wouldn’t know that the mural has been painted taking him as an inspiration, anyone else in the neighborhood clearly knows that he does.


In an interview, one of Cachito’s neighbors, Alberto Gallardo Vazquez had this to say about the pup: “He is friendly to people passing by. I think he notices it because he hangs a lot around it.” Although there are a many number of ways to celebrate the love we have for our furry four legged pets, Cachito’s family went over and beyond and found the best way ever to show their love for their beloved pup.


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