Husky and Duck friends surprised a small town in Minnesota

Interspecies relationships are rare but all over the world, we can see such cute friendships between fur and feathers.

Max was just 5 years old when Patrick and Kristen Riley of Strout from Minnesota decided to adopt him.

They also had another Husky named Sasha and the Duo quickly became best friends. Sasha’s time ran out and she passed away. There was a huge void of loneliness in Max’s heart. He was so sad about missing his friend.

Then, there comes the duck. After they embraced Quakers Max instantly liked him. After they let him out, they never left each other’s side. They sleep together, eat together, drink together, even go for walks together.

They do everything as one. Most of the time, the pair is hanging out along highway 28. They have a delightful bond with each other. Strout is just 25 inhabitants big, so the match has turned out to be notable in the area.

Even the neighbors trust that they are a cute duo and they are expecting them.

They also become famous, because of their friendship. While people are taking a lot of pictures with them, the traffic also got blocked.