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Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves Has been funding children’s hospitals secretly

There are many Hollywood actors and actresses who are known for their humble and kind acts. Among these great people, Keanu Reeves, 53, is always special.

Most people know him well by the roles he played in John Wick, The Matrix and Speed ​​ movies. One of the reasons why he is so special among all the other stars is that he has been giving financial facilities to many children in hospitals. In addition, he has been creating a private charity foundation for more than ten years. This shows that he has a great character and why he is loved by all.

Keanu Reeve Private Charity Foundation

Keanu Reeve had a younger sister who had been diagnosed with leukemia in the 1990s. She suffered from the disease more than 10 years before the signs of the disease disappeared.

In her honor, Keanu Reeve organized a foundation and donated to all other cancer charities. The most important thing is that he did not want his name to be mentioned. While he was acting, he supported the hospitals and the rooms of the children.

In an interview in 2009, he wrote to the Ladies Home Journal that since 2004 he had a private foundation that helps hospitals and research centers

He never wanted his name to be published in the activities of the organization, but he wanted to continue doing’ what he did.

In 2008, Keanu Reeve began working on the phone as part of a television program to raise funds to fight cancer. He participated as a goalkeeper in an ice hockey tournament organized to support the Rehabilitation Fund in spinal cord opportunities. SCORE was founded to help injured people in the spine.

He had associates who worked with him, a Reddit user named ‘bo2dd2’ was also joined in the chain. He said that for two weeks, Keanu Reeve had taken the film crew to free breakfast and lunch. He had also donated to people on the set who were in need due to family problems. He offered $ 200,000 to his family. While filming Matrix at Christmas, he offered gifts to all members of Harley Davidson Motorbike company.

What do you think about him? Is not he generous and kind? In addition, he donated millions of dollars to people who needed his help.

Finally, the world is lucky to have such a generous silent donor. It is true that not all heroes wear capes.