Heroic Rooster battles hawk and save his girlfriend’s life

Sometimes, you should be more careful about the “holes” than everything! Because unauthorized visitors can easily go through it.

This dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a hawk arrived outside a farm’s chicken coop looking for an easy meal. The area is protected by fencing, but the bird of prey has managed to enter through a small opening in the fence, by setting his sights on an unsuspecting hen within.

When all seemed lost for the hen, the heroic rooster emerged and saved the day!

With a few kicks and pecks, the brave bird managed to save his mate, the hen, and send the unwanted guest to where it belonged.

And their owner, who posted the video on YouTube, is also proud of his little hero!

“My rooster did his job today by defending the hens from a hawk that slipped through a hole in my fence, which has now been patched,” he wrote.

Luckily, the hen had her protective boyfriend with her. What if you don’t have someone else to protect you? Be careful about this kind of mistake. This little footage gives us a huge lesson. Life is full of unauthorized guests, and if there is any little opening, it doesn’t matter how hard you have protected yourself. You will be caught.

Just a few seconds would have made the hen into a Chicken dinner!