Lost senior dog reunites with her family after weeks

On the 5th of July this year, Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc. employees answered a call about a scared dog found near a highway. They figured that she had run away from the owner due to fireworks the night before. They didn’t notice that the dog in front of them is the one who had been featured on their missing board for over a month.


The night before, there were a couple of Good Samaritans watching a local fireworks show. While watching they saw a shadow of an animal run around their car, and then hide underneath it. They thought it was a fox, but sooner they realized that it is a dog. They understood from her eyes that she requires help. “She looked really scared”, Marilyn Williams, one of the Good Samaritans said.

She was scared and refused to budge from underneath the car at first. But the couple persisted, and eventually, the dog came out and jumped directly into their car through the driver’s side door.


They brought her home for the night, gave her food, and water, and cleaned up a small cut on her face. Eventually, she seemed incredibly calm. She was quiet and timid. She even never made a peep.

After a cozy sleep that night, the couple called Mitchell County Animal Shelter and brought her in, hoping she would reunite with her owner.

When the employees at the shelter laid eyes on her, they recognized the dog as Fiona, who went missing a month earlier during a family vacation. She was even featured in one of the missing posters taped to their front door in the shelter.


The employees at the shelter confirmed her identity by scanning her microchip and then called her mom with the good news. Whenever she saw her owner, the dog that was quiet the whole time, perked up for the first time. She was excited to see her owner after a long time. Her tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

Fiona is now back home and safe with her lovely family. Also, Williams and her family miss the sweet pup they got to know. But they were really happy that they could help Fiona to find her family back.

It was a happy ending to Fiona’s “missing dog” story.