Here are 20 Photos Of Dads Who Have Majored In The Field Of Being A Cool Parent

Well, mothers are all caring, but serious. “Mom can I… “ and she’s like NOO! ALL THE TIME. Well, there are cool moms, but most of us are stuck with the serious ones (including me). Then there are dads, cool, fun, totally enjoyable, and completely opposite to moms. So, from this article, you’ll see 20 photos of dads who have majored in the field of being a cool parent.

“I made a diaper bag that transforms into a changing station.”

Image credits: KimcheeBreath / Reddit

“Found my daughter’s hair dye kit in the bathroom. Think she’ll like it?”

Image credits:GrumpyOldGam3rDad / Reddit

“My kid and I have a tradition to take this photo on every trip.”

Image credits: buddytattoo / Reddit

“Missed my graduation because of aerosinusitis. My dad came to the hospital and graduated me with insurance papers.”

Image credits: Perswayable / Reddit

“A dad is a canvas when a daughter wants to practice.”

Image credits: saucemagnusson / Imgur

“Built my first PC at age 13 with my dad!”

 Image credits: maxpowers989 / Reddit

“I’m embracing single-parenthood by getting the family pictures I always wanted.”

Image credits: maxpowers989 / Reddit

What happens when you leave a dad alone with the baby

Image credits:MelissaNas / Imgur

“I recently turned 21 and was going to move out. Here’s the present from my dad on my twenty-first birthday. Thank you, Dad!”

Image credits:Slime1134 / Pikabu

“I built a tree in my daughter’s bedroom.”

 Image credits:radamshome / Imgur

“My daughter wanted to be Dwight from The Office, so that made my costume decision easy.”

Image credits:MK64_Master / Reddit

“My daughter has been sleeping on the floor because her crippled cat couldn’t reach the bed. I made her bed handi-cat accessible.”

Image credits:pbmax542 / Reddit

“A homemade Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy costume I made for my daughter. I also did her hair.”

Image credits:MashedPotatoh / Reddit

“I work at the movies and this dad-daughter duo made my night.”

Image credits: THEYADDLE / Reddit

When you’re a single dad raising 2 teenage girls

Image credits: ItsSpanishForTheNino / Imgur

“Single dad curlers, 100 for $.50 — I’ll let you know if they work.”

Image credits:F8t3g / Imgur

“My 4-yr-old daughter on a high humidity day after moderate activity — her mom thinks I make the curls one by one.”

Image credits:david_velasquez05 / Reddit

“’Daaaad, we’re bored!’ Ummm okay, strip this laptop down and this desktop, and then rebuild them. My gosh, it’s the most peace and quiet I’ve had all week!”

Image credits: tardiusmaximus / Reddit

“My husband had this costume planned for several years, long before we had a child. The inspiration was a computer game he played in high school.”

Image credits: PutABowOnIt / Imgur

Dads bake cakes for their daughters and sons from scratch and on their own.

Image credits: henrypdx / Reddit/ Mehlforwarding/Reddit